Large rugs for your interior

A large rug is not only a decorative element, but also functional. A versatile part of your interior that offers comfort, style, and practical benefits.

Sometimes finding a large rug can be a challenge, especially due to the limited selection on the market. Many stores primarily offer standard sizes, which may not meet the specific dimensions of your space.

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Why a large rug

1. Visual impact: A large rug immediately draws attention and can make a statement in a space.

2. Spaciousness: It creates a sense of coherence and spaciousness.

3. Acoustics: It can help absorb sound and improve the acoustics in a room.

4. Style and versatility: It offers flexibility in decoration, as it can be easily moved or adjusted to changing needs and layouts.


Are you looking for a large rug that lasts long? At Wool & Wire, you can order sustainable rugs that are naturally and additionally stain-resistant.

Our large standard sizes:

- 200x300
- 250x350
- 300x400
- 200, 250, and 300 diameter

Looking for a different size?
A large rug, for example, 400x500? No problem! Go to the page of your favorite rug. Fill in your desired dimensions, order, and we'll start working on it right away. You'll receive your custom rug within 4 weeks.

Do you have any further questions?

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