Wool & Wire is a rug specialist that focuses on providing modern and stylish rugs for living rooms. And all this thanks to local craftsmen and women who maintain high quality standards.

Sustainable production of natural raw materials

Premium raw materials in combination with a spinning mill, a weaving mill and decades of experience in the sector, we can develop natural floor coverings with high quality as a result.

The wool used in the production process is 100% virgin wool originating from New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The famous Agave plant originating from sisal is used for sisal Africa. This ensures that we can guarantee the very best quality.

Local craftsmanship

The focus by Wool & Wire was focused on selling from day 1 high-quality, durable and luxurious rugs. In order to pursue these values, it was extremely important for us to collaborate with a well-known manufacturer who only... top segment supplied.

Our carpets are the result of a collaboration between:

- The most qualitative raw materials

- Modern equipment

- Years of expertise from the best local craftsmen

100% Belgian

Because Belgium is known for its textile industry, the choice was quickly made for us to work exclusively with a Belgian manufacturer. Thanks to the vertical integration between the spinning mill and weaving mill, we deliver the highest quality at an affordable price.

Story of the founders

We, Fedor Govaert & Vincent Van Dessel are the founders of the design label Wool & Wire.

The label was born out of necessity high-quality rugs made out of natural materials - without the high-end price tag. Something that has been missing in the interior landscape until now.

We cut out links such as wholesalers and shops. By a short chain we have to apply directly contact you, the end customer, and we can sell our rugs to a fair price.

We do our best to meet your needs and with every decision we make we ask ourselves: "What is best for our customer?". This is how we can help you to help when finding your ideal rug.