Discover the texture, color and quality of your favorite rugs with the sample service.

Not sure which rug you really want or can't choose between different colours? Or would you like to discover the texture and quality of our rugs first?

Put together your own sample box on the website and have the samples delivered to your home. This way you can compare at your own pace.

Follow the steps below to assemble your sample box.

Step 1: choose your favorite samples

Add a sample of your favorite rug to your sample box. You do this by clicking ‘get a sample'.

You can select a maximum of 3 samples.

Step 2: go to the checkout and pay

Go to the checkout, enter your details and pay. A sample box costs €10.00.

When ordering your favorite rug, you will be refunded these 10 euros as a discount.

Step 3: your samples are on their way

We will get to work for you straight away.

You will be notified by e-mail when you will receive your sample box. This takes 3 working days on average.

Step 4: feel and discover the samples

Feel and discover the samples in the comfort of your own home.

Samples are the perfect way to see which rug matches best with the rest of your interior. So be sure to place them next to your furniture, your floor and the colour of your walls.

Click here for additional tips and tricks that are useful when choosing a rug.

Step 5: order your favorite rug

Found your favorite rug?

Perfect! Simply place it in your shopping cart to order your favorite rug.

Doubts about how big your rug should be? Tip: place a few sheets of newspaper where you want your rug to go, or cover the perimeter with tape. This makes it easier to estimate the correct size.

Congratulations, you are now one step closer to your ideal interior!  

Which materials can you choose from?

Our collections consist of different materials: wool, sisal, or a mix of natural materials.

Looking for a cool and classy rug? Then be sure to check out our sisal rugs.

Or would you prefer a wonderfully soft carpet under your feet? Our collection of woolen rugs is ideal for you.

If you can't choose, discover our rugs that consist of a mix of natural materials. They are guaranteed to provide a unique touch to your interior.

Stains? No problem!

Our rugs are also easy to clean. So don't worry if you spill coffee or if your dog runs over the carpet with muddy paws.

In this stain guide you can read all about how different types of stains can be tackled best. On our blog, you will also find general information about the maintenance of woolen and sisal rugs.

Do you still have questions about our samples or do you want to know more about a specific rug? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you with personal advice.

We can be reached daily from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM via +323 646 62 03  or send an email to