Refund policy


Wool & Wire has a maximum return policy of 30 days after you have received the item. The product must be in new condition. To complete the return, we require a receipt of proof of purchase. When everything is fine, the item will be picked up at your home. If the item has been received in its original condition, the return amount will be refunded within 5 working days.

How can I return?

Step 1:

Send an email to with your order number and the reason for the return.

Step 2:
We will evaluate your return and contact you about the next steps. An appointment will be scheduled to pick up the rug. 

Step 3:
Roll up the rug with the pile inwards. Pack the rug (if possible) in its original packaging or in a similar manner where the rug cannot be damaged or soiled by external objects.

Step 4:
Add the order confirmation to the rug and stick the supplied return slip on the packaging. 

Step 5:
Hand the rug over to our carrier.

Step 6:
After receiving your rug, you will receive a response for us whether the return has been approved. We will deposit the full purchase amount as soon as possible. We will pay you back with the same payment method that you used to pay for the order. 

You cannot return this

Items received more than 30 days ago
Items that are not in original condition


Since we want to offer optimal service, the return costs are on Wool & Wire. Our shipper will collect the item from your home and bring it to us for inspection.


For questions or ambiguities regarding returns, please send an email to We will try to help you as soon as possible.