100% European quality and craftsmanship. This way you can enjoy an interior that shines for years to come.

100% European

Our collections are the result of 100% European craftsmanship from Belgium, Austria, and Finland. Local craftsmen and women with years of expertise in the textile industry create the most beautiful products.

Production is exclusively done in Europe to ensure you premium quality and the most ethical products.

Unmatched craftsmanship

The ateliers that create the collections hold the art of textile craftsmanship in high regard.

Modern equipment ensures that everything is manufactured with quality. The binding of the rugs is even done entirely by hand. Conclusion: a fine example of craftsmanship!

Honest quality

The premium quality of the products is very important, but the production conditions are also essential.

All collections are therefore produced under fair conditions, with respect for the experienced craftsmen and -women.

This not only ensures a quality product, but also an ethical production, which you can see in the smallest details.

Be sure to take a look at the collections and discover how European craftsmanship transforms your space!