Wool & Wire x Rick Tegelaar: a collaboration with focus on textures en materials

The new collaboration with visionary designer Rick Tegelaar is one to dream about. The Dutch designer is known for his unique designs and his fresh perspective on the use of different materials. He has won awards for his Meshmatics lamp collection for example, that he designed in collaboration with design label Moooi. For this collection, he transformed simple chicken wire into a collection of beautiful and high-quality finished lamps with unique designs.

We joined forces with Rick to push the boundaries of craftsmanship and our familiar materials. This resulted in the Fluff collection: a collection of woolen rugs with an innovative twist. The collection reinvents natural materials and local craft, with stunningly soft results. Rick creatively brings back the sheep in this woolen collection.

Launch at the Milan Design Week 2024

The new Fluff collection will be launched internationally during the Milan Design Week from April 16-21. This is the moment when all design lovers come together to discover new collections, unique designs and innovative techniques. It is a wonderful opportunity to present Fluff during such an exclusive event and a great first for our brand that we are quite proud of!

Be the first to discover the Fluff collection during the Milan Design Week and enjoy the enchanting atmosphere. You will find the Fluff collection at the exhibition SOLIDIFIED, where you can also admire other inspiring creations  from young designers. It will be an oasis of inspiration and innovation. An experience not to be missed!

Not going to the Milan Design Week? You can discover our new collection online from April 24!

Exhibition SOLIDIFIED:
Date: April 16 - 21, 2024
Location: Via Carlo Farini 35, 20159 Milan, Italy

April 09, 2024