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Wall-to-wall carpeting, also known as carpeting, is currently experiencing a revival. And we think that's quite logical. There is nothing better than walking barefoot through your house on a wonderfully soft surface Now, how do you get started when choosing wall-to-wall carpet and how do you place it in your house or apartment We summarize for you   where you When considering sustainable floor coverings, you have to consider:g:

Benefits of sustainable floor covering in the home

Wall-to-wall carpeting is installed wall-to-wall in living and sleeping areas. This technique has been around for decades and has many advantages.

  • Dirt repellent and dust resistant † Dust particles do not fly all over the house but remain in the carpet. As a result, you cannot see them with the naked eye and you only have to vacuum.
  • Sound dampening † This is ideal to maintain the acoustics in the house and it is also pleasant for the neighbors.
  • insulating † Wool rugs are characterized by their soft and warm structure. The material ensures that heat is retained. Woolen rugs are therefore very good heat conductors and can therefore be installed perfectly above underfloor heating.
  • Fire retardant † Because we're with100% natural wool work ensures that wool can never catch fire, unlike parquet or plastic rugs. Wool will scorch like human hair, but it will also die out instantly. This makes the product extremely safe if, for example, a candle is accidentally dropped.

Wool & sisal carpet

We only work with 2 natural products, namely wool and sisal. As a result, we offer a wide choice of different styles in wool, sisal and combinations of both. Both raw materials to have very many benefits such as those written above, nevertheless are some notable differences

Sisal rugs are made from fibers of the Agave plant. This offers a harder and more durable structure † Sisal is moisture absorbent. To respond to this, all sisal qualities treated so that they are water resistant.

Wool rugs are made from 100% natural virgin wool. The advantages of wool are its soft structure in combination with the advantages mentioned above. 90% of our customers opt for wool floor coverings.

Both the wool and sisal floor coverings are100% produced in Belgium† This is thanks to more than 60 years of craftsmanship thanks to 200 enthusiastic employees.

Accurate to the centimeter

At Wool & Wire you can the entire collection as a floor covering in your house or apartment. How do you get started with this?

For our sisal collection we work with 4m wide machines † For the woolen collection, these are machines from 4m and 5m † Because we have an in-house finishing unit, it is therefore possible to cut the desired rug down to the centimeter.

Are you in doubt when measuring Or would you like some help? Feel free to contact us and we will take a look with you

How is the placement done?

- You can choose to have the role delivered yourself and the carpet yourself to place. For this we can give you advice and inform you which materials are needed.

- If you prefer to work with a fitter, we will help you with that. We ourselves have been working with reliable experts who know our collection completely by heart and are specialized in this. They first make the measurements so that there is as little waste as possible during cutting.Sustainability is one of our priorities. In consultation with you, our installers will then draw up a square meter price tailored to your room.

Ask for help

Are you renovating and are you considering fitting your rooms with wall-to-wall carpet? Please fill in the form below and we are happy to help you realize your dream interior. Our entire collection on the site is available as wall-to-wall carpet.