Paper yarn, an innovative and environmentally friendly material with endless possibilities.

Looking for a contemporary and sustainable addition to your interior? Paper yarn is definitely something for you. It not only looks beautiful, but it is also an ecological material.

Not yet convinced? Discover everything about paper yarn below!

bos met naaldbomen

Ecological raw material

Paper yarn is a truly natural material, made from wood, an ecologically produced renewable resource. The fibers of pine and spruce make the yarn strong and durable.

The paper yarn comes from Sweden or the United States. The raw material starts as brown or white shredded paper that is then rolled into paper yarn. Finally, the yarn is spun and dyed.


Versatile and natural

Paper yarn is the perfect material to create a unique atmosphere. It is a natural material that gives a warm feel, but with a contemporary twist. This makes it suitable for many different types of interiors.

In addition, paper yarn is a light material that can be woven, braided or spun into many different applications.

Paper yarn rugs

Paper yarn is also very suitable for rugs. It is a material that is both stylish and environmentally friendly.

The yarns are treated in the fiber so that they are stain resistant, which makes this collection very easy to maintain.

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