Wool, the silent hero of the textile world, is so much more than just a natural fiber. It is a symbol of warmth, comfort and timeless elegance. In a world where synthetic materials often predominate, wool remains a true treasure from nature with unique features and benefits. Whether you enjoy cozy winter sweaters, or stylish rugs and accessories, wool has something for everyone.

Read on to get the full details on the comfort of wool!

Schapen in mooi landschap in Nieuw-Zeeland

High-quality sheep's wool

New Zealand is the number one country for the production of high-quality wool.

It is home to some of the best sheep breeds in the world, such as the Merino sheep and the Romney sheep.

These breeds are bred specifically for their wool production. They produce fine, soft fibers of high quality.

In addition, New Zealand has strict environmental standards and regulations which ensure that the production of sheep's wool takes place in a sustainable way.

Schapen in de wei in Nieuw-Zeeland

Sheep from New Zealand

The New Zealand sheep enjoy a truly luxurious life: they can graze on extensive, green fields and are not exposed to extreme weather conditions or pollution.

Due to their good quality of life, the wool of these sheep has several unique properties. For example, their wool has a natural shine and it breathes , therefore it never overheats.

That luxurious life they live clearly has a positive effect on the quality of the wool.

Manila wit wollen vloerkleed met stoel erop

Durable and stain resistant

Wool is a naturally strong material and has a long lifespan. It stands up well to daily use and wear and tear, making wool an excellent choice for rugs in high-traffic areas.

Ever heard of lanolin? This is a grease and liquid repellent substance that is naturally present in wool. This makes the material stain resistant and easy to clean.

Pure white or high-quality colored

Did you know that only white sheep live in New Zealand? The pure white color of their wool forms the perfect basis for natural rugs.

We can then use this natural white wool and add color. Quality guaranteed for all rugs!

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