Sisal, nature's robust treasure, is an indispensable material with many applications.

In a world full of synthetic alternatives, sisal stays true to its roots. Whether you are looking for durable floor coverings, stylish baskets or environmentally friendly furniture, sisal offers many benefits that can transform your living space.

Discover the power of sisal below.

Werkende man op veld met agaveplanten

Sustainable fibers

Sisal is extracted from the fibers of the 'Agave' plant. All of our sisal comes directly from the best fields in Africa. The best leaves are carefully selected here. The plant must ripen for 5 years until the fibers are strong enough.

Thanks to its rougher structure, sisal lasts a lifetime and can take a beating. This is why sisal is an excellent choice for products that are used frequently, such as rugs.

Did you know that tequila is also made from this plant?

Zibo ecru sisal vloerkleed

Pure nature

Sisal has a beautiful natural look, because the fibers are not treated with harmful chemicals during the production process.

The sisal fibers are biodegradable and provide less environmental impact than some synthetic materials.

Using natural materials keeps your ecological footprint as low as possible.

Sisalgaren in de spinnerij

Versatility of sisal

Sisal is a versatile material that is used both functionally and decoratively. Think of rugs, ropes, baskets, furniture or wall coverings.

This versatility, combined with its durable properties, makes sisal a popular material in many living rooms.

Sisal rugs

Sisal has been a popular material for rugs for many years.

Because sisal is not naturally stain resistant, the fiber is treated during production. This way, your rug is completely stain resistant.

In addition, sisal has natural insulating properties. A sisal rug retains the heat in your room well.

In other words, sisal is the ideal material for a rug that you will enjoy for years to come!

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