Measuring the space

Lay down newspapers to determine the size of your area rug. You can also tape off the perimeter of the area.

Looking for an area rug for the sofa?

1) If you want to create unity, place the furniture partially on the area rug (about 30 cm). Do this by putting the front legs of your sofa on the rug. This makes the interior look connected.

2) If you want to create an island, place the furniture completely on the rug.

3) When the rug is in front of the sofa, the furniture stands out better. The emphasis is then not on the whole but on the individual elements.

Looking for an area rug for under the table?

Place the rug so that it extends at least 60 centimeters and a maximum of 90 centimeters. You can then push your chair back without it sliding off the rug.

Looking for an area rug for the bedroom?

Make sure the rug extends sufficiently on both sides. You can also place the rug so that two-thirds are under the bed, making your bed look longer. You can also place a small rug next to your bed or at the foot end.

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