A painting above your sofa or a framed photo above the cupboard... You don't have much more choice decorate walls and bring your interior to life. Wall tapestries are the ideal solution for that problem!

No more boring walls

You probably know the problem: you've bought a new couch or repainted your living room. Beautiful, but the walls are still bare... You don't feel like putting up another photo or you want something more original than a painting.

For that problem, tapestries are an ideal solution: they are unique and add a contemporary touch to your interior. They are real textile artworks!

Benefits of a tapestry

In addition to being an original alternative to classic wall decoration, a tapestry has many advantages:

1. For a soft touch to your interior, a wall tapestry is perfect. No sharp lines or angles, but an organic pattern made from natural materials. This instantly makes your space cozier.

2. Looking for an alternative to classic wall decoration at a great price? A tapestry is both unique and affordable.

3. A tapestry also has benefits for the acoustics in your space. They act as a sound-absorbing element, helping to reduce echo.

Natural Home Dressing

Do you know the concept of Natural Home Dressing already? Dress your interior completely to your own taste, and turn your home into a place where you feel at home. The ideal way to express your personal style!

You can turn your interior into a gem by adding finishing touches made of natural materials. Think of sustainable rugs, stylish table linen, but also a unique wall tapestry fits perfectly with this concept!

A wall tapestry made of natural materials ensures a healthy indoor climate and keeps the humidity in balance. In addition, natural materials are hypoallergenic and therefore safe for people with asthma or allergies.

New collection: wall tapestires

Still looking for that one perfect item to complete your living room? Or feeling like brightening up your walls in an original way?

Be sure to take a look at our latest collection. It consists of two beautiful wall tapestries: Versailles and Aviona.

With their interesting textures, soft fabrics, and natural tones, they are the perfect addition to a unique interior. They fit in your living room, your bedroom, your hallway... or wherever you want!

The wall tapestries are available in 1 size: 140 x 185 cm. They are made from the finest natural materials. In the future, other designs and dimensions will be created.

Where do you hang a large wall tapestry?

A large wall hanging brings your space to life. The size of 140 x 185 cm is ideal to fill a void in your interior and instantly give that one bare wall more character.

There are many possibilities to give your wall tapestry a nice spot. For example, behind your couch in the living room, behind a cabinet or simply as an eye-catcher on the wall in your hallway.

Versailles and Aviona stand out thanks to their warm colors and natural textures. Combined with the premium quality, they form a unique, yet stylish eye-catcher in your interior.

Just imagine coming home after a long day, and immediately being greeted by that beautiful wall hanging on your wall. The warm colors and textures radiate tranquility, and the natural materials bring a piece of the outside world indoors.

How do you install a wall hanging?

Hanging such a beautiful tapestry is very easy. Follow the steps below or watch the helpful installation video.

1. Mark the two top corners and the center of the tapestry on the wall

2. Make holes in the wall

3. Place the supplied rail - start in the center

4. Also secure the outer edges of the rail

5. Attach your tapestry with Velcro

6. Repeat the steps at the bottom

Final step: enjoy the result!

Do you still have to ask about the wall tapestries, or we can help you with something else, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you with personal advice.

We can be reached daily from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM via +323 646 62 03  or send an email to info@woolandwire.be.