A woolen rug is beautiful in your interior. But how does that process work to achieve that beautiful end result We would like to show you a look behind the scenes at Wool & Wire..

1. Working with raw material

Wool & Wire is a fully Belgian company that makes rugs from the raw material. Here we only work with 2 basic products, namely wool and sisal

90% of the wool used for our rugs comes from New Zealand. For sisal we call on Agave plantations in Africa.

2. Wash and sort

These basic products arrive in bulk at the Spinnerij in Veurne. Here the wool is washed and imperfections are filtered out. The fibers of the sisal are also dried and sorted according to their length.


3. Forming into wire

Once the quality control is over, the product is deformed into wire using machines. This is done by tightening the fibers until a thread is formed. The more fibers are entangled together, the thicker the thread becomes. This ultimately also affects the thickness of the rug.


4. Transfer to the Weaving Mill

After the spinning process, the bobbins are sent to the weaving mill in Kuurne. Here the bobbins are placed on the machines and tied together. A complete rug consists of about 1500 individual bobbins that are manually placed and knotted. Once the setup is ready, the weaving process can start.


5. Constant Quality Control

The rug is closely monitored during the weaving process. Here, irregularities are removed and the rug is completely rolled up.


6. Stick underlayment

After the coils are completely run out, the subfloor is attached to them. For this we only work with jute or actionback.


7. Border

Finally, the cut carpet is sent to the finishing workshop where the border is sewn on by hand. Here the customer can choose between a finish with yarn, cotton or leather.


8. Shipping

Once the rug is completely trimmed, it is neatly wrapped around a sturdy tube and packed. It will then be shipped via UPS.