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Welcome to the showroom

We will be happy to welcome you to the showroom in Antwerp. You can go here with all your questions and tailor-made advice.

Read below about what you can expect and what you can do to prepare yourself.

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Don't forget this

For a smooth showroom visit and tailor-made advice, it is best to prepare a few things:

1) Measure your preferred dimensions at home

Place a few newspapers where you want to put your rug, so you can better estimate which size best suits your interior.

We recommend that you place the first two legs of the sofa on the carpet. Do the same with the rest of the furniture in the room.

2) Take pictures of your interior

What can you expect?

Below you will find the steps that we go through together during the showroom visit:

1. First you will choose the material you want.

2. After this you determine the color of your ideal rug.

3. Then you make a choice about the shape of your rug . Do you want a round, square or rectangular carpet? Calculate the size of your rug in advance.

4. Finally, you decide whether you would like to have your rug finished with yarn or with a luxurious cotton board.

Easy to reach

Our showroom is located in the heart of Antwerp. The address is Paardenmarkt 68, 2000 Antwerp.

Upon arrival you will see Wool & Wire ring the bell. Ring the bell and we will open for you! It's an automatic gate so you don't have to push it.

Where can you park?

We have 3 free parking spaces for our customers at Paardmarkt 58 . That's a little further to the right of our showroom. You can just drive in here.

You first pass the gate. Then you will come across a second gate. On your left you will see 3 parking spaces where you can park. (if the 2nd gate is closed you can open it with code:↵ 7834 ↵)

Discover tips & tricks when choosing your rug

How do I choose my rug?

Natural or Synthetic rug?

How do you maintain a wool rug?

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