You have just bought your dream rug and of course you want this rug to last as long as possible. But how do you maintain a woolen rug so that it always looks its best? Below you will find tips for maintaining your rug and treating stains on your rug.

1. Ventilate your woolen rug

A premium woolen rug is made from 100% sheep's wool. Sheep shave been grazing outdoors all their lives. If your rug has an unpleasant smell, you can hang your rug outside for half an hour so that it can be ventilated.

2. Vacuum regularly

A woolen rug consists of: natural fibers so it may be a little fluffy in the beginning. This does not cause a bald spot or has no effect on the structure of the rug. The fluff is just the top layer. To prevent these fluff from growing and to keep your rug fresh and free of dust, it is important to to vacuum weekly. 

In addition, dirt and sludge remain on the surface due to the natural fiber and do not penetrate the carpet. When you see dirt, it is recommended to vacuum right away. Always use a folded brush when vacuuming so that the fibers do not come apart. In this way, your rug remains lint-free, dust-free and even.

3. Rotate the rug 180 degrees

A well-maintained carpet will last 15 to 30 years. However, it is possible that light prints or discoloration can be noticed over the years because some areas on the carpet are constantly exposed to the sun.

To prevent prints from showing up after 15 years, we recommend turning the rug by 180 degrees after a few years. This way the rug remains smooth on all sides and you avoid usage on one specific side.

4. Professional cleaning

If you want to have your carpet professionally cleaned after a few years, it is best to hire a reputable company.

It is always recommended not to save on quality when buying a rug. You will often enjoy a rug made of 100% quality wool twice as long. Take a look at our premium wool collection. We guarantee a top quality woolen rug.
October 19, 2020