After a long search and putting many different samples next to each other, you've finally figured it out. You have chosen a beautiful and timeless sisal rug that fits perfectly into your interior. A sisal rug is made from the Agave plant and is a natural fiber. That is why you need to maintain the rug well so that it retains its natural shine. Below you'll find tips that tell you how best to maintain a sisal rug

1. Vacuum regularly

A sisal rug is naturally hard and durable. As a result, dirt and food residues remain on the surface. Unlike a woolen rug, a sisal rug has no chance of fluff and therefore needs to be vacuumed less frequently. Yet it is important to clean up dirt immediately so that the fibers remain clean

2. Avoid water and liquids

Because a sisal rug is a 100% natural fabric, it is not as water resistant as wool. If the rug comes into contact with liquid, it is possible that stains will remain. The message is quick to respond

All sisal rugs therefore get an extra protective layer † As a result, water droplets remain on the surface like pearls and can be cleaned up quickly.

3. Rotate the rug 180 degrees

A well-maintained carpet will last 15 to 30 years. However, it is possible that light prints or discolourations can be noticed over the years because some areas on the carpet are constantly exposed to the sun.

To prevent prints from showing after 15 years, we recommend that the rug is after a few years of turning 180 degrees † In this way the rug remains smooth on all sides and you avoid wear on one specific side.

4. Professional cleaning

If you want to have your carpet professionally cleaned after a few years, it is best to hire a reputable company for this so that the quality of your carpet cannot be trusted.

It is always recommended not to save on quality when buying a rug. You will often enjoy twice as long a rug made of 100% sisal.  Take a look at ourpremium sisal rugs collection† We guarantee a top quality sisal rug.
March 04, 2021