The morning can be hard to wake up, but with a warm rug under your feet, it's less painful to wake up.

You don't always think about it, but a bedroom is a perfect place for a rug. Create a cosy oasis environment with these tips.

Place your rug completely under the bed

Place the entire rug under your bedside tables and bed. For this method, choose a size that is large enough to cover both sides.

Place your rug two third under the bed

You can lay down the rug so it covers two third under the bedThis technique makes your bed look longer.

Vloerkleed 1/3 onder bed

Place a rug next to your bed

You can also place a small rug next to your bed or the foot of the bed. This way, you land on a warm cushion early in the morning.

Vloerkleed onder bed

Are you not certain about the size of your rug?

Lay down newspapers to determine the size of your rug. You can also use tape to mark the area.

This technique gives you a better view of how the carpet will look in the room and what your ideal carpet size is.


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March 06, 2023