It is inevitable that drink, food, mud or even vomit unexpectedly ends up on your new carpet. That is why it is important to respond quickly and appropriately to remove the dirt. Below you will find some steps to get your sisal carpet clean again.
There already exists 1 golden rulerespond immediately when something gets spilled on your sisal rug † This prevents the liquid from entering the fibers of the carpet, causing a stain. Don't panic, most stains can be removed quickly and easily!

Step 1: Dab with a wet cloth

First take a cloth and make it wet with lukewarm water † If necessary, add a drop of highly diluted shampoo. The P carefully run your cloth over the sisal rug to remove the stain. Under no circumstances should you ever rub † This will spread and push the stain into the fibers of the carpet. Stay for 1 minute dab until the stain is completely gone.

Step 2: Lukewarm water with vinegar

Did you get most of it away with the dabbing Use nowu lukewarm water and do one splash of cleaning vinegar Bee. Again, you have to be careful with your dosages. Do not wet your cloth, but moisten it and dab over the stain again until she is completely gone.
Avoid at all times strong chemicals or bleaches because they can discolor your rug. The stain may be gone, but in its place you will get a light spot that will permanently damage your carpet.

Step 3: Let it dry for a while

Finally, blot the remaining moisture with a dry cloth and let your woolen rug dry for a while † For a comprehensive overview of how to remove what kind of stain from your carpet , you can visit thestain guide

Remove old stains

Did you overlook a stain or find out later. Don't panic, try first follow the steps above † If the stain has been absorbed too hard into the fiber, you can always lightly scrape the top layer of the rug † Afterwards you take the vacuum cleaner to remove the loose particles.

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March 02, 2022