Rugs are usually bought by people to bring atmosphere to their interior. Sometimes people doubt whether they should buy a rug because they are afraid of having an allergic reaction to it. But can you really be allergic to a carpet?

Rugs and allergies

A large amount of dust can easily collect on a carpet. These dust particles also contain excrement from house dust mites. It is precisely these dust particles that can cause an allergic reaction in people. So it is not the carpet itself that causes an allergic reaction, but the house dust mite that is in the carpetcan to sit. In fact, a rug can actually help against allergies.

Carpet regularly maintained

To prevent the house dust mites from settling in the carpet, it is very important to maintain your carpet. That's why we recommend that your rug to vacuum every week , so that the rug is completely dust-free. In addition, you can also change your carpet let it air out for a few hours for example by hanging it outside somewhere. With these methods, the dust mites are removed and your carpet is dust-free again.

As a remedy for allergies

A carpet can therefore prevent an allergy. Woolen rugs catch pollen and fine dust that float through the living room, making them easy to vacuum with the vacuum cleaner. Wool and sisal are natural materials that cannot provoke allergic reactions

So don't worry, at Wool & Wire it isthe complete collection of rugs anti allergic😉

November 05, 2021
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