Here you will find the rug'Copenhagen Green' from the photo.

A question we often get is whether our rugs are suitable for underfloor heating. We have good news for you. All our rugs are suitable for underfloor heating and you can read here how this came about.

Heat and insulating capacity

One of the main advantages of a carpet is that it provides warmth and comfort in your living room. Rugs work insulating and trap warm air † Carpets that are unsuitable for underfloor heating retain heat for too long, which means that warm air cannot spread properly in the living room.

So it is important to choose a rug that allows the heat from the underfloor heating to pass through wellA heat-permeable carpet and underfloor heating reinforce each other and give you warm feet and comfort during the cold winter months.

Heat permeability

What determines whether a rug is suitable for underfloor heating or not? heat transfer resistanceThe heat permeability is stated on the product pages of all our rugs † This number indicates how much heat is transmitted through the carpet and is expressed in m² k / W

If this number below the limit of 0.17 m² k / W is, does this mean that it carpet transmits heat well † The lower this number, the better the rug will transmit heat into your space.

Ourwoolen andsisal collection is heat permeable and perfect to use in combination with your underfloor heating.

May 25, 2022