The temperature drops a few degrees this week, so we look for warmth inside. To additional warmth to provide, one can carpet It ideal tool are. Carpets have one energy saving and heat insulating effect .

Woolen carpets

A Woolen carpet has the property of insulating well. So it is heat regulating . That's why you have one warm feeling get when you walk on a Woolen rug . Furthermore, wool has a damping capacity and is easy to maintain .

Manila wit wollen vloerkleed

In the picture:Manila Woolen rug

High-pile carpets

In addition to the material, the high pile of a carpet influences the insulating capacity. How thicker It carpet , how taller the thermal insulation value . Deep-pile carpets have a pleasant texture and a natural look .

Rome wit hoogpolig vloerkleed

In the picture:Rome high-pile Woolen rug

What about underfloor heating?

Carpets that are not suitable for underfloor heating retain heat for too long, so that warm air cannot spread properly in the living room. A heat permeable carpet and  underfloor heating reinforce each other and to give you warm feet and comfort. click here more information about carpets and underfloor heating.

Please warm feet in the coming days We have a diverse range of Woolen anddeep pile carpets in our range. All our carpets are heat permeable and can be perfectly combined with your underfloor heating.

November 29, 2022