Versailles - Wall Tapestry

€ 1.495

Made with carefully selected natural fibers that not only add a touch of organic beauty to your space but also help improve acoustics. Transform your living space with this unique wall art.
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Why 'Versailles - Wall Tapestry' is a good choice

✔ Thanks to the woven natural fibers the acoustics improve significantly in your space

✔ Your space gets more warmth and coziness thanks to the natural textures and colors

✔ No tight lines or sharp corners, but an organic pattern that instantly makes your space calm

You still have to hang it up yourself


Material: 37% cotton, 27% linen, 22% PE, 14% viscose

Weight: 2.8 kg

Soundproof: Yes

Warranty: 5 years

Acoustic: Great added value

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Why 100% satisfaction guarantee?
We are only satisfied when you are. We promise to deliver top-quality wall tapestries. Made entirely in Belgium thanks to enthusiastic craftsmen and women. Still not convinced? Then we are happy to take back your wall tapestry.

How long is this valid?
30 days after receiving the wall tapestry.

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Maintenance and cleaning

The wall tapestries are made of high-quality natural materials. The advantage of this is that they are easy to maintain.

The only thing you need to do is occasionally remove dust from your wall tapestry.

You can easily do this with your vacuum cleaner: use a soft brush and avoid strong suction. Or with a dust cloth to keep the surface dust-free.

Frequently asked questions

Is the rug stain resistant??

Wool is naturally stain resistant! If you spill, you can get all the stains out if you act quickly. Read on our stain guide what to do per stain.

Is it suitable for pets?

One of the big advantages of this rug is that it is easy to maintain. After vacuuming, all hairs are quickly removed. This without damaging your rug, of course. Your four-legged friend's claws will also lose the battle against this rug.

What about allergies?

You cannot be allergic to a carpet. It is due to the dust mites that crawl into it. However, this only occurs with carpets that are a lot more deeply piled. So you don't have to worry.

Is an undergarment still needed??

No, for us a high-quality carpet certainly does not include an underlay. So you definitely won't need this!

Is it suitable for underfloor heating?

Yes. This rug has been tested and is suitable for underfloor heating.

Do you have any questions Call or mail us. We are happy to help you.

This is how you mount a wall tapestry

You will receive the hanging system for free with your order. In this video, we explain step by step how to easily attach your wall tapestry to the wall. Need further assistance? Feel free to contact us.

Where do you hang a wall tapestry?

A wall tapestry brings your space to life. The size of 140 x 185 cm is ideal for filling a void in your interior and instantly giving that one bare wall more character.

There are plenty of possibilities to give your wall tapestry a nice spot. For example, behind your couch in the living room, behind a cabinet, or simply as a focal point on the wall in your hallway.

Natural Home Dressing

Are you familiar with the concept of Natural Home Dressing already? Dress up your interior to your own taste, and turn your home into a place where you feel at home. The ideal way to express your personal style!

You can turn your interior into a gem by adding finishing touches made of natural materials. Think of sustainable rugs, stylish table linens, but also a unique wall tapestry fits perfectly with this concept!

A wall tapestry made of natural materials provides a healthy indoor climate and maintains the humidity in balance. In addition, natural materials are hypoallergenic and therefore safe for people with asthma or allergies.

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