The Fluff collection in collaboration with designer Rick Tegelaar

Indulge in the ethereal allure of the Fluff collection! Collaborating with the innovative designer Rick Tegelaar, we have crafted a rug collection that transcends conventional notions of materials and artisanship, yielding an exquisitely soft outcome.

Discover the story of Fluff


How did the fluff collection come together?

It all starts with a deep passion for natural materials. This is the center point of all our collections.

A home is more than just a place to live - it is a reflection of who you are and what you stand for. That concept is what we call Natural Home Dressing: adding the finishing touch to your interior with the beauty of natural materials.

Belgium has a lot to offer in terms of knowledge and craftsmanship in the field of rugs and artisanship with natural materials. This is where the Fluff story began. With this rich tradition in mind, we searched for a talented designer to bring our vision to life in a new collection.

Collaboration with designer Rick Tegelaar

Rick Tegelaar focuses on discovering new possibilities for existing materials in his designs. He has already won awards for his lamp collection Meshmatics, created in collaboration with design label Moooi. For this collection, he transformed simple chicken wire into a series of beautiful lamps with unique designs.

In a project like Fluff, Rick's creativity truly shines. With his visionary approach, he breathes new life into natural materials, challenging you to look at familiar materials and techniques in a new way.

Imagine: a carpet that not only covers your floor but also tells a story. A story of innovation, craftsmanship, and a deep passion for natural materials.

Brings out the sheep

Through meticulous evaluation of wool and sisal carpet constructions, Tegelaar devised a groundbreaking finishing process for our existing tufted structures. Utilizing a proprietary brushing technique, he delicately draws apart the loops of the tuft, creating an exceptionally soft texture reminiscent of sheepskin.

These 'fluffy' zones invite you to experience the natural beauty and softness of wool. It is a tribute to the origin of the material and brings the magic of nature back to life in every rug.

This unique design brings out the sheep again.

More than just a rug

Eat, play, read, and above all, enjoy.

Launch at the Milan Design Week 2024

The Fluff collection will be internationally launched during the Milan Design Week. This event is the moment when all design lovers come together to discover new collections and innovative techniques.

Enjoy the enchanting ambiance and discover not only Fluff but also the work of other young designers in the SOLIDIFIED exhibition. It promises to be an oasis of inspiration and innovation. An experience not to be missed!

SOLIDIFIED exhibition:
Date: 16 - 21 April 2024
Location: Via Carlo Farini 35, 20159 Milan, Italy

Get this unique design for your home

The Fluff collection is made with great care and craftsmanship, and can be customized to your preferences. You can determine the size of the rug and the positioning of the fluffy zone yourself. This way, you can also add your own personal touch to this unique piece.

Intrigued by the beauty of Fluff after its launch in Milan? Choose your favourite design and we will get to work for you!