A carpet has many advantages. It is soft, insulating and gives a room a homely feeling. Now carpets come in all different colours, shapes and qualities. Do you opt for synthetic or is it best for a natural fabric such as wool or sisal Below we explain the differences and tell you why a natural fabric is always the best solution..

Synthetic carpet

A synthetic carpet is one made from artificial fibers. This means that there an entire chemical process of oil, coal and other raw materials precedes † As a result, the price is also much lower than working with natural fibres. By working with synthetic fibers you have the advantage of working with many different colors and patterns. This means that you do not always have to opt for symmetry, but deviating patterns are possible.

Wool carpet

A woolen carpet is made from 100% sheep wool. The first carpets in the world were also made from wool in the past. This is due to its extremely soft and insulating character.

The wool at Wool & Wire mainly comes from New Zealand. Thanks to the favorable climate there, the highest quality can be obtained within the wool segment. These are then bought up and shipped in bales to our spinning mill where they are transformed into yarn.

Wool rugs have the advantage that they very wear resistant to be. As a result, a well-maintained carpet can last up to last 15 years † Wool is natural dirt-resistant which means that stains such as wine and soft drinks remain on the surface like water droplets. This means you only have to dab the stain out with a semi-dry cloth and let it dry.

In addition, the entirewool collection immediately anti-moth product treated. As a result, insects have no chance to bite the rug and the rug remains in top condition.

Wool also has the advantage that it insulating works. This keeps the cold out and retains the heat. In addition, it is also heat permeable thanks to the jute bottom, which means that it can be placed above a preheated surface. Due to the thickness of the fiber, it also has the characteristics to sound deadening to be. Ideal if you live in an apartment with thin walls and annoying neighbors!

Finally, a woolen rug fire retardant † If a candle or the like should ever fall on it, flames will never occur, but the carpet will only scorch locally. This makes wool very favorable for a place where there are children.

sisal carpet 

A sisal carpet is 100% natural and comes from the Agave plant. This plant is known by many because it is also used for the Tequila drink. In this method, the fibers of these plants are extracted, sorted and dried. They are then shipped to our spinning mill where they are formed into wire.

The characteristic of sisal is a very unique appearance to have. Where wool is known for its warmth, sisal is seen as the ideal rug for the dining area. This is because a rug under the dining table may show a little more texture and does not have to be soft.

At thesisal collection from Wool & Wire are the rugs stain resistant created. As a result, drops remain on the floor and can be dabbed off very easily.

Thanks to its hard structure, sisal is a very durable material that can take a beating. Because of this, it often happens that large office spaces choose sisal to cover their offices.

Sisal carpets are dustproof leaving dust on the surface. This is ideal for those with certain allergic conditions. Weekly cleaning is therefore sufficient to keep the carpet clean. 

Finally, thanks to its strong structure, sisal is also ideal to use as a stair runner † This one is very flexible and works anti slip

The difference between a synthetic rug and a natural rug at a glance:


Synthetic rug

Natural rug


more expensive

multiple shapes and colors

limited number of colors

not stain resistant

stain resistant


not static

low quality

very high quality

short life

long lifespan


heat insulating


fire resistant




prevents dust mites


prevents mold


anti slip

September 22, 2021
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