You would like to buy a rug, but you are unsure about the color and whether the rug will suit your interior. Here you can read what you should take into account when choosing your ideal rug..

1. Choose the material of your rug

You can choose between a rug made of natural materials such as wool and sisal or a rug made of synthetic materials such as plastic and polyester. Wool and sisal carpets offer huge advantages in terms of durability, stain resistance and insulating capacity † You can contact us for a high-quality range ofwoolen andsisal rugs or amix of both

The difference between a sisal and woolen carpet is in the structure † Would you like a more robust and rougher carpet? Then a sisal rug something for you. Sisal carpets have a something harder structure making them very be durable and stain resistantWool carpets are on the other hand many softer because they are made of 100% sheep wool † A well-maintained woolen carpet lasts longer than 15 years old and is naturally dirt-resistant

For more information, please visit the blog:natural or synthetic rug?

2. Determine the color of your ideal rug

The color you choose is very personal, but here too we can give you some tips. Do you want to with your carpet form one beautiful whole? First of all, look at the colors of your walls and furniture and then tune your carpet to this † Do you want more stand out with your carpet? Then choose a rug with a lake striking and contrasting color

3. Make a choice about the shape and size of your rug

You first determine which form of rug you would like to have. Here you can choose between a round, square or rectangular carpet

How big should your rug be It's not always easy to to estimate the correct size of your carpet for your interior † We recommend to newspapers to lay where you want to lay the rug. You can also use tape and tape the area where you would like to have your carpet † zo  you can more easily estimate what the ideal size of your carpet should be and you have an idea where exactly your carpet will be placed.

You can choose between the standard sizes: 100x200, 150x250, 200x300, 250x350, 300x400 and for round rugs diameter 200 and 300. Isn't your ideal size here? Take a look at the custom rugs page and receive a quote for your custom rug

4. Have your rug finished

Finally, you have the option to have your carpet finished. You can choose between a finish with yarn in the same color of your dress or a luxurious cotton board. For the cotton board you can choose between the colors grey, black, anthracite, champagne or beige.

Are you not quite sure about the color or material of your rug? Order samples and view the pieces of carpet at your home orcontact us for free advice.



March 28, 2022