A rug provides a beautiful look to your interior and is nice and soft for pets to lie on. Which rug is best for your pet. 

Choose a low-pile rug

If you have a four-legged friend at home, it is best to choose a short pile rug † A high pile carpet is much more annoying to clean, causing cat and dog hair much harder to clean up to be. Over time, your carpet will become very unhygienic and will give off odors.

Cats can also claw their claws onto a deep-pile carpet, damaging the fibres.All our rugs are low-pile and therefore suitable for your pet.

How do you get animal hair out of your rug??

We recommend to to vacuum every week so that no dust, animal hair and flakes can build up on your carpet. However, some cat and dog hairs are very stubborn and hard to suck up with the vacuum cleaner.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to remove animal hair from your carpet in a practical way. You can do this with silicone or rubber like with silicone or rubber kitchen gloves and window wipers † You can even use rubber Crocs for this job. Wet it a bit with water and wipe over your rug † The cat hair and dust will come off your rug so easily.

Huisdier en vloerkleden-Wool & Wire

How to remove urine and feces from your carpet?

An accident can always happen, especially when your pet is still a puppy. To avoid leaving a stain on your carpet, have to act quickly

In case of stool on your carpet it is best to remove this with disposable gloves. After this you take a cloth with lukewarm water and dab gently about the residual spots

Bee urine on your carpet it's best to take one cloth with some lukewarm water and vinegar and the P you carefully about the stains † For a more extensive step-by-step plan for combatingstool andurine of your carpet you can visit thestain guide

April 25, 2022