Don't you think there is already enough waste in the world? Well, we at Wool & Wire think so too. That is why we are happy to contribute. Thanks to the exclusive stock sale, the extra meters of wool or sisal are also usedt

Why stock sale

Each rug is completely custom made. To realize this, we always weave at a minimum width of 4 or 5 meters. Of course, not everyone wants to place a 4 meter rug in their living room.

For example: a customer orders a rug measuring 200x300. For this we produce a new carpet and it comes out of our machines as a 200x400. This leaves a remainder of 100x200. To prevent wastage we consciously do not throw away the rest of the piece, but it is stored in the factory.

Same quality, fixed dimensions

Twice a year we offer our customers and followers the exclusive opportunity for this rugs at a reduced price to buy. The quality of these rugs is exactly the same as that of a custom rug. The only difference is that these are available in fixed dimensions. The most rugs will be smaller than 4m².

In this way we help to prevent useless waste and make people happy with a high-quality carpet.

How and when do you get access to the exclusive collection

On Sunday 25 April all our contacts get a exclusive link to the collection of discounted rugs. We like to reward our loyal followers and customers with this unique offer. The stock sale will continue completely online on our website.

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April 06, 2021