Seagrass is a plant that lives in salty waters. Two species grow in Dutch waters; big and small. Seagrass used to be sold as a filling for pillows and mattresses, but today it is only used for decorative purposes. For example, seagrass can be found in storage baskets and rugs.

Parable of seagrass and sisal

At Wool & Wire we also work with 100% natural products , namely wool and sisal. The similarities between sisal and seagrass are that they are both plant materials with a view to sustainability . These materials are much less harmful to the environment and also last longer. They both have their typical brown color.

Difference between a seagrass carpet and sisal carpet

The big difference between sea grass and sisal is that sea grass can withstand water better because it is an aquatic plant. At Wool & Wire we therefore treat all our sisal qualities with a stain-resistant coating . As a result, drops remain on the surface of the rug and do not penetrate. In addition, sisal is also very insulating and sound-damping . Finally, sisal is also dust repellent and you can choose from different colors where sea grass has only 1 color.

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April 11, 2021