You get a nosebleed out of nowhere or you have an open wound and some drops of blood fall on your carpet. Do not panic. If you follow the following steps, your carpet will be clean again in no time.

There already exists 1 golden rule when it comes to fighting blood droplets on your carpet: be very quick! This prevents the blood from starting to clot and ending up in the fibers of the carpet, which causes a blood stain. It is therefore very important to react immediately when the blood drops are only just on the carpet .

Step 1:Dab with a wet cloth

Take a cloth and wet it with lukewarm water . Gently dab your cloth over the bloodstains . Be careful : do not rub the blood with your cloth , but only dab on the drops . Rubbing will only make the stain bigger. Continue to dab for 1 minute until the bloodstains are completely gone.

Step 2:Lukewarm water with shampoo and ammonia

If dabbing with lukewarm water is not enough, proceed to the next step. Take back your cloth with lukewarm water and add a few drops here highly diluted shampoo ready. Also add a few drops of ammonia and dab over the bloodstains again until they disappear completely.

Step 3:Vinegar and let it dry for a while

To finish, take a clean cloth with a few drops of vinegar and dab over the remaining blood spatter. Let your rug dry for a while and your carpet is spot-free again.

December 03, 2021