After a walk in nature, your little one steps over your new carpet with his dirty shoes. Nice is different, but how do you get these mud stains out of your carpet?

There is one golden rule when dirt gets on your carpet and that is to act quickly. However, mud is an exception to this rule! You just want to wait for the mud to dry before you clean your carpet.

Step 1 Let the mud dry and scrape off

It is best to let the mud on your carpet dry for a while. Once it is dry, take a scraper or a flat object. With this you can easily scrape the hardened mud off the carpet .

Step 2 Lukewarm water with ammonia

Then take a cloth and wet it with lukewarm water . Add a tablespoon of ammonia to this. Gently dab over the mud stains with your cloth . Be careful:don't rub the mud stain with your cloth, just dab the stain . Rubbing will only make the stain bigger. Continue to dab for 1 minute until the stain is completely gone.

Step 3 Let it dry for a while

To finish, take a dry cloth and blot away any remaining moisture. Let your carpet dry for a while and your carpet will be stain-free again.

March 30, 2022