You accidentally spill a cup of tea on your rug. Do not panic. If you follow the following steps, your carpet will be clean again in no time.

There is already 1 golden rule when it comes to fighting tea stains on your carpet:be very quick ! This prevents the tea from drying up and getting into the fibers of the carpet, causing a stain. It is therefore very important to react immediately when the liquid is only just on the carpet .

Step 1 Dab with a cloth

Take a cloth and wet it with cold water . Gently dab the tea stain with your cloth . Be careful:don't rub the tea with your cloth, just dab the liquid . Rubbing will only make the stain bigger. Continue to dab for 1 minute until the stain is completely gone.

Step 2 Lukewarm water with shampoo and vinegar

If dabbing with water is not enough, proceed to the next step. Take your cloth back with lukewarm water and add a few drops of shampoo . Also add a few drops of vinegar and dab over the tea stain again until it is completely gone.

Step 3 Let it dry for a while

To finish, take a dry cloth and blot away any remaining moisture. Let your carpet dry for a while and your carpet will be stain-free again.

April 04, 2022