You accidentally drop your plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce on your rug. Do not panic. If you follow the following steps, your carpet will be clean again in no time.

There is already 1 golden rule for fighting tomato stains (tomato sauce, ketchup, etc.) on your carpet:be very quick ! This prevents the tomato from drying up and getting into the fibers of the carpet, causing a stain. It is therefore very important to react immediately when the sauce is only just on the carpet.

Step 1 Dab with a cloth

Take a cloth and wet it with lukewarm water . Gently dab over the tomato stains with your cloth. Be careful:don't rub the stain with your cloth, just dab it . Rubbing will only make the stain bigger. Continue to dab for 1 minute until the stain is gone.

Step 2 Lukewarm water with shampoo and vinegar

You then take a clean cloth and wet it with lukewarm water . To this add a few drops of shampoo and a dash of vinegar . Gently dab over the tomato spots again until they are gone.

Step 3 Let it dry for a while

To finish, take a dry cloth and blot away any remaining moisture. Let your carpet dry for a while and your carpet will be stain-free again.

April 04, 2022