Suddenly chewing gum is stuck to your carpet. Nice is different, but how do you get that chewing gum out of your carpet? Chewing gum can be very annoying when it sticks to your carpet. If you follow the following steps, you can easily get chewing gum out of your carpet.

Step 1 Freeze and Scrape

Take a plastic bag and fill it with ice cubes . Place the bag on the chewing gum for at least half an hour. You will then feel whether the chewing gum has hardened. If this is not the case, put the bag of ice on it a little longer.

Then take a scraper or flat object such as a spatula and gently scrape the chewing gum off the rug .

Step 2 Lukewarm water with vinegar

If there is still chewing gum on your carpet, you can do the following. Take a cloth and wet it with lukewarm water . Add a splash of vinegar to this.

Gently dab the gum stain with your cloth. Be careful:don't rub the stain with your cloth, just dab it . Rubbing will only make the stain bigger. Continue to dab for 1 minute until the stain is gone.

Step 3 Let it dry for a while

To finish, take a dry cloth and blot away any remaining moisture. Let your carpet dry for a while and your carpet will be chewing gum-free again.
April 04, 2022