Avignon - Mix wool, paper and linen rug

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Why 'Avignon - Mix wool, paper and linen rug' is a good choice


Material: 30% wool, 30% linen, 30% paper yarn, 10% polyester

Back: Evapolytex

Thickness: 5 mm

Weight: 1860gsm

Sound-dampening: Yes

Guarantee: 5 years

Suitable for underfloor heating: Yes


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We are only satisfied when you are too. We promise to supply you with top quality rugs. This is made entirely in Belgium thanks to our 200 enthusiastic craftsmen and women. Still not convinced. Then we will be happy to take your rug back..

How long is this valid??
30 days after receiving the rug.

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Maintenance and cleaning


A rug of this quality lasts an average of 15 to 30 years. It is important to vacuum your rug weekly to keep it clean and fresh.


Remove stains immediately with a clean damp cloth. Do not rub. Gentle washing in max. +30ºC water with a mild detergent is also possible.

For a detailed overview of how to remove a stain from your carpet, please visit the stain guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the rug stain resistant?

Wool is naturally stain resistant! If you spill, you can get all the stains out if you act quickly. Read on our stain guide what to do per stain.

Is it suitable for pets?

One of the big advantages of this rug is that it is easy to maintain. After vacuuming, all hairs are quickly removed. This without damaging your rug, of course. Your four-legged friend's claws will also lose the battle against this rug.

What about allergies?

You cannot be allergic to a carpet. It is due to the dust mites that crawl into it. However, this only occurs with carpets that are a lot more deeply piled. So you don't have to worry.

Is an underlay still needed?

No, for us a high-quality carpet certainly does not include an underlay. So you definitely won't need this!

Is it suitable for underfloor heating?

Yes. This rug has been tested and is suitable for underfloor heating.

Do you have any questions Call or mail us. We are happy to help you.

Finishing - Trimming

This rug will be finished with a matching yarn. This is always done in the same Color as the end of the rug.

If you want a different finish, you can have the rug made to measure. Choose your preferences on the  custom page.

What our customers say


What is paper yarn?

Paper yarn is a truly natural material, made from an ecologically produced
renewable resource, ⁣strong> wood. The fibers of pine and spruce make the yarn strong and durable. The yarns are treated in the fiber so that they are stain resistant . This makes this collection very easy to maintain.

The paper yarn comes from Sweden or the USA, as brown or white shredded paper. These shreds are then rolled into paper yarn. Finally, the yarn is spun and dyed.

Sustainable and natural materials

Just like you, we want to contribute to a world with less waste. You can enjoying this rug for more than 15 years. This means there is less turnover than with a lower quality carpet.

By using only natural materials, you will: ecological footprint is also as low as possible to hold. Thank you for working with us to create a more sustainable world.

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